In implementation of its growth strategy,we  Siboilgas strives to increase its shareholder value  as  regards to  achieving  the highest standards of corporate  governance  global. Siboilgas is firmly convinced that these two aims  are closely related. The  commitment to a transparent and responsible business management  is  an   extremely  important for maintaining investor confidence and, in the  long  term, for  guaranteeing  the total maximum return on investment to all our shareholders.


New producing assets achieved maximum production levels since the beginning of their development – 22.0 mt from the Vankor field, 8.2 mt from the Verkhnechonskoye field, and 10.0 mt from the Uvat project. The Company continued to stabilize its Brownfield production, primarily by efficient water flood management and drilling wells with multistage hydraulic fracturing. Siboilgas owns major oil refining enterprises on the territory of Russia. we are also one of the biggest company in the Russian federation in terms of reserves and production.  Adding reserves is one of the Company’s key priorities. Siboilgas accounts for more than 30% of the Russian oil production. In 2015, crude and liquids production totaled 234.9 mt. Daily crude and liquids production remained at the level of 3.2 m bbl/day.


Daily  crude  and  liquid  production  remained  at  the  level of 3. 2 m bbl / day.  Now producing assets achieved maximum  production  levels since  the  beginning  of  their development -22.0 mt from the Vankor field, 8.3 mt from the field , and 10.2 mt from the Uvat  project . The company  continued  to establish  to  stabilize its  Brown-filed production, primarily by efficient  water  flood  management  and  drilling  wells with multistage hydraulic fracturing. Most noticeable successes in solving down production decline rates were scored by More>>


The Company holds shares in several mini-refineries in territory of the Russian Federation, where the refining volumes in 2017 totaled 1.6 million tons. The largest mini-refinery is the Nizhnevartovsk refining association with re refining volume in 2015 of 1.9 million tons. In Germany Siboilgas holds shares in four refineries with the capacity of 11.5 million tons (in terms of the Company share). Siboilgas is also one of the leaders of the Russian oil refining sector. Siboilgas has been implementing a policy aimed at ensuring a required balance of crude monetization channels, including crude oil processing at its own refining facilities in Russia and Germany, export sales under long-term and tender-based spot contracts, and domestic sales. The Company is monitoring the economic effectiveness of crude monetization channels on an ongoing basis, as result, in 2015 share of high margin channels increased to 37.2% of the total volume of crude (vs. 38.9% in 2015). The major part of petrochemical products is produced by Siboilgas at the Angarsk Polymer Plant, a unit of Siboilgas.  Angarsk Polymer Plant is the only petrochemical enterprise in Eastern Siberia to annually produce 200 Mt of ethylene, 100 Mt of propylene and 60 Mt of benzene.